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Visit Sturdee Residence and enjoy its attractive world with pride!

Officially the city of Singapore is certainly known as the Garden City. The lifestyle of people who have found their livelihood has probably been fabulous. Being a highly populated island, most of its parts are typically located in the tropical floral world with numerous parks and gardens. Thus, every property being set up within the city must be enhanced richly with flora. Thus, the Farrer Park Sturdee Residence has been a suitable example for people who are searching for houses of their own. A residence is probably a place more specific for the people to dwell in.

visit sturdee residence and enjoy its attractive world with pride

Reason for its setup:

While visiting such a marvelous place for a tour, a residence or lodging plays a very crucial role. Usually, a residence provides the visitors with varied options of temporary housing with rooms upon on rents. Ultimately architects have been assigned this setup job for:

  • Provide homes for refugees.
  • Develop a private property for persons with disabilities.
  • A usual residential colony
  • Lodging area
  • Shelter for unnecessary people at times of emergencies.
  • Availability of shopping complexes, bars, etc.

Probably the residence has been made for people to enjoy and spend their quality of time with their friends, relatives and others. Even it could be a suitable place for housing, especially for families.

Main point of attractions:

In the city of Singapore, the crowd prefers residences that are quite a short distance. This Sturdee Residence has been set up at a short length up to the Farrer Park. Apart from hospitality, people can even enjoy the large food counters of their choice. Market area been established had been quite profitable for the visitors.

A usually normal place does not benefit you with such terrific amenities. But the locality has added some specific amenity of life like the swimming pool, water jet pool, playground, gym, etc.

Why should one visit:

To amend all such facilities on a tour one can surely make a choice to visit Sturdee Residences and enjoy the luxury. Even the cost is affordable and trusted for sure.

Skies 39 Condo is the condominium with a pleasant view

The condominium is a well-established area with every facility that the house should have. The facilities are provided the house owners who are residing at that place. The entire area or the properties are owned by the particular people or a group of people. The skies 39 Condo is used as the choice of the residential. The private condominium provides every benefits and utility to the people residing in the complex. The housing area is provided with all sorts of facilities that are needed to have a luxurious house.

skies 39 condo is the condominium with a pleasant view


The people around the world look for the better opportunity so they have to move around in search of better opportunities. Hence it is not possible to build a house at every place where ever they go for a better opportunity and that is why the housing systems are essential.

To fulfil the need the people are looking to meet the requirement of the people who are moving from one place to another. The requirement provides the renting facilities and the condominium concepts which are very much in practice by the present prevailing condition of the society.


The development of the Toa Payoh skies 39 Condo has been developed based on such concepts. The skies 39 provide the residential facilities and bring in every opportunity for the people who are residing at that place. The residential is well equipped with all requirements such as the clubhouse, indoor fitness centre, garden, lawn, swimming pool etc.

The skies 39 Condo not only provides the residential facilities but also imparts that atmosphere that every person looks for. The development of the natural beauty around the condominium is amazing and it provides a soothing appearance to the eye. Hence the residential area is well decorated with better facility and a better environment for the people.

Centrium Square: A landmark in a grand city called Singapore

This is not the age where small things are counted as one of the most desired thing in the world. It has to be big and by the word big it means huge. Now in this modern era you will be attracted to those things only which are one of the most eye catchy ones in the world. This is a true fact and when it comes to take a building as a favourite one then nobody chooses a flat everyone goes for the biggest skyscrapers. One of the famous names in skyscrapers is Centrium Square, the Serangoon freehold office cum retail stores. It is the most famous building for hanging around in the entire Singapore.

centrium square a landmark in a grand city called singapore

  • Importance to tourists- The building is really an example of engineering excellence. The engineers of Singapore worked very hard to make this and you can say that at the first look. This is a true fact and the building has become of the most important place to visit by the tourists and the locals. Day by day it is becoming more famous in the entire region.
  • Beauty with size- If you want to know about Centrium Square in detail and you are in Singapore then you must go and see it by yourself. This will be one of the best things in your life. You will be amazed by the beauty of the building and its huge structure will give a very heavy impression on your mind. From the first look you will understand the necessity of the structure in the economic growth of Singapore.
  • Strategic point of view- The building is strategically made for earning a good amount and to gather a good attraction from the locals and the tourist. Those people who are behind the designing have given it a look which cannot be forgotten.

Centrium Square is economically important for every person of entire Singapore and you will be amazed to see the crowd gathering seven days of a week.

All about Poiz Residences condo at Potong Pasir in Singapore

This is a very brand new mixed development residential complex which is just next to Potong Pasir MRT station in Singapore. It comprises of condominium residential apartments along with some commercial units. This residential complex provides a lifestyle that is very much convenient along with all sorts of the facility for getting foods, clothes and all other amenities that people need. Basically in one word the people of Poiz Residences condo get all that they require at their own doorstep.

all about poiz residences condo at potong pasir in singapore

Highlights of the Poiz Residential complex

  • Most of the educational institutions are located near this residential complex so it is very much ideal for the families having children’s who need to go to schools for their education purposes
  • Most of the supermarkets as well has shops are located in and around this residential complex so a person who is staying in the flat of this residential complex do not have to get worried for their shopping purposes.
  • All kind of transportation facilities like buses and trains are available just nearby to this residential complex so a person need not to have any kind of headaches for traveling to any places from this residential complex
  • Banks, restaurants are also available in and around this residential complex which makes a person staying here relaxed as well as free from any kind of unnecessary tensions in times of their needs.

Healthcare and Recreational Facilities

The people are living in the Poiz Residences also get healthcare as well as recreational facility just nearby their residential complex. There are two hospitals the Kwong Wai Shlu hospital and the Ren Ci Community Hospital just near this residential complex. There are also two upcoming recreational places the Bidadari Park and the Alkaff Lake that will be very much near to this residential complex.

Pros & Cons

The pros of Poiz Residences are that people gets each and everything that they want to get just under their palm. The cons are the price of residential flats here is very much costly and this kind of residential complex are always crowded with lots of people and so it is not suitable for people who do not like busy or crowded areas.

Within a reasonable price High Park Residences offers you the best living

Vehicles owners especially find it to be an advantage to be living in High Park Residences, the latest condominium project in Sengkang new town. Travelling from your tranquil home to the CBD area only takes about 30 minutes drive. It takes almost the same time to reach vibrant Orchard Road which is considered as a shopping district in the CBD area.

within a reasonable price high park residences offers you the best living

Specialty of the place makes it special within reasonable price:

Three major expressways are easily accessible nearby. They are namely: Tampines Expressway (TPE), Central Expressway (CTE), and Kallamg-Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE). If you are looking for a life away from the hustle and bustle for you and for your loved ones, it is a best place to love in with your loved ones. A wonderful and serene unique life awaits you at High Park Residences; do not ignore the call of life. The effort of the local property developer is showering its fruits now. Within a reasonable price, you are going to get the best in your nearby area. Not every apartment has the potential to provide you with all what you need. The High Park Residences is situated at the heart of the city of Fernvale.

A general overview on the building:

The residence has all those things to offer all what you need from your life for yourself and for your family. The building is though still in its budding and blooming phase; still it has managed to attract many more future residents in advance and this is the charm of the building. Nearby schools and colleges and other facilities make it so special and so precious for the future residents in the building. If you are planning for moving somewhere else in the future, then this one is the best place for you and for your loved ones. Live with love and tranquility, live in High Park Residences.

Do you know about Botanique at Bartley condo?

Botanique At Bartley Condo is an upcoming condo that provides a huge numbers of apartments that arrives with amazing architecture, and the residents feel great to simply view the craftsmanship. These have a very high-end finishing as well as great installations done for the amazing lifestyle. Through the sensational ethnic design to western designs, the entire architecture and surroundings embroils attention of the visitors. And this condo becomes the remarkable building to have a great experience at Botanique @ Bartley Condo Singapore, which is not just incredible but incomparable to any other condo.

do you know about botanique at bartley condo

If you are looking for 100% high end living at Singapore at a reasonable price structure, you are at the right place. Botanique @ Bartley condo is found to be the perfect condo which brings your dream in to reality.

Facilities offered Botanique @ Bartley Condo

Special facilities include high-end living with the family members as well as children, through the daily event with unique facilities which are rendered by Botanique @ Bartley Singapore. While facilities consists of the Function Space, Indoor Gym and Clubhouse, the BARBEQUE Area, Tennis Court, Swimming Pool, Children’s Play ground, as well as the Jacuzzi and lot more. You would probably get lost thinking what not available in this condo.

Attractions nearby Botanique @ Bartley Condo

There are several attractions near to the Botanique @ Bartley Condo, which are namely the shopping malls, parks, basketball court, food centres and other attractive spots like entertainment hub, and so on. All these will have marvellous interiors and exteriors with quality fittings that makes you get heavenly feel about this special condo. And such mind-gearing installations are done near to the MRT Station that is very close to the Botanique @ Bartley Condo. It hardly takes few minutes to reach the station and the nearby attractions.

Sims- Urban Oasis is actually elegance with elevated necessity

Singapore is famous for maintaining cities that are not only clean, well structured and well managed. That is why we often get too see ‘smart’ cities in Singapore, with exceptional smart features, and these cities invite in people to enjoy their stay within. One such example is SIMS Urban Oasis condo.

Sims Urban Oasis is actually elegance with elevated necessity

What is SIMS Urban Oasis?

SIMS Urban Oasis is actually a wonderful lease hold condominium, which is under construction now, but soon will be completed. It is expected to be complete by 2018. Located at Sims drive, the condominium is exceptionally being made with features so that people living here can enjoy a unique lifestyle, with all basic amenities and enjoy quality living. As it is a leasehold condominium, the residents can have it for 99 years. That is nothing less than owning the house yourself.

Where is it Located?

The condominium is located at Sims drive, one of the most elegant and easily connected places of the island. The location of this wonderful project is actually in District 14. However, the location is excellent, as it is very well connected to the city. It is extremely close to the interchange station, as important stations are close by. Thus, connectivity is not a problem at all. Also, the nearby Mattar MRT station is expected to start functioning by 2017, which means future resident will have no problem at all.

What are the features?

The SIMS drive urban Oasis, is going to have 3 towers. The three towers will have approximately 900 units. This will be mixture of units 1 to 4 bedrooms. Altogether, there are going to be approximately 900 units in these 3 towers. Each tower is expected to be of around 25 storeys. It’s an excellent project for those who are looking for property in one of the best locations and with easy connectivity.

Astonishing North Park Residences Singapore

Buying a dream home is a secret impulse that most of the people possess, however, have you ever thought what kind of infrastructure you would prefer in your house, which would make it look really attractive. Are you looking for a house which would make your dreams come true, then what you desire is happily available for you at NorthPark Residences Singapore.
astonishing north park residences singapore

What is in for me?

This is the first question that will pop up in your mind when you select a particular township for buying a residence. After all it’s about your home, and you would certainly not like to compromise on anything, right? North Park Residences Singapore, is going to be the most up-selling condominiums for obvious reasons, out of which the first one is, that they are fresh residences which possess around nine hundred and twenty units all exclusively constructed for the residents who would to get a feel of living in a cosy home. They encompass thirteen storeys wherein you can choose from various range of apartments, embarking upon a studio, and goes up to five bedroom apartments, all are magnificently constructed keeping your comfort and luxury in mind.

Places and Facilities Around:

North Park Residences Singapore, is a feasible option for those who would like their home at a point from where commuting does not become a big hassle. You can easily find points from where you can change the buses, which gives you an added advantage of roaming around Singapore. Not only is this, for all those who love shopping, there a renowned shopping mall near this residency, wherein you can always head up to fulfill all your shopping desire, in fact it can be a good idea to take a break from work and visit there to have a look around at nice cool stuff.

The Luxurious Highline condo at Kim Tian

Singapore perhaps a little area but it occupies an essential place. In every sector Singapore has experienced a boatload of increase in the years and the property sector is no exception. The property sector has experienced a huge increase over the years; the town has seen a radical rise in the amount of Highline Residences in Singapore. These homes typically include flats and they can be found in prices and various sorts, dimensions throughout town. If you’re really enthusiastic about purchasing an apartment such residencies afterward you must touch base with property brokers and move supervisors who are utilized by property businesses that are well-known. These brokers generally have all the info regarding a few of the finest properties within the town.

the luxurious highline condo at kim tian

Should you be keen on purchasing high-end flats in Singapore subsequently it’s pointless to say you have a budget that is very generous. In order to really purchase flats in localities like Keppel Bay, Orchard streets or Sentosa. The flats in these localities have become pricey but the agents supply you the finest comforts you can be fetched by that cash. Yet before you purchase an apartment in Highline Residences in Singapore and go out your condition must be evaluated by you. For those who have family that is large then you definitely might need to purchase a large flat 3 bedrooms if not four. You can get a two-bedroom flat if you’re going to live by your-self then. Now it’s no secret so you must work out a budget before purchasing a flat that Singapore is a pricey city. If you would like to appreciate services like parking places, receptions and lifts, pools, clubhouses you then could just purchase a condominium in Highline Residences Singapore. A condominium is at once it is possible to appreciate fantastic facilities and available in fair costs.

In case you are considering settling down in gifting or Singapore your self and your family a much better living room, outfitted with all the requirements it is possible to consider, you should think about getting a home in Highline Residence Singapore. The Highline residences are truly condominium buildings, built by some extremely famous property developers of the Singapore. They’re generally found in the places, having all the conveniences and excellent connectivity to provide wonderful life-style to you. The homes are well-connected via routes to the purchasing and company locations like Sentosa, or Marina Bay, Orchard Road.

If you’re a resident of Highline Residence, you then will rest assured of having no concerns about the transportation and communication, acquiring your children’s instruction, purchasing location or diversion, as these are within your reach. A few of these homes are in the area of Mount Faber and Telok Blangah Hill, where you are able to take jog or a stroll each day remain healthy and to remain close to nature. Ignore travelling significantly to get the everyday necessities as all important shopping destinations can be found in the area, where you are able to get everything and anything you need, from exceptionally stylish dress to market, from hi tech devices to foods. Anxiety about your kid’s schooling and all of your concerns are removed as these places are additionally really close to the city’s well-known schools. What are you really looking forward to? Get a fantasy house in Highline Residence Singapore and have the advantage that existence is.

What exactly is the Peak Cambodia by Oxley?

The Peak @ Cambodia happens to be the latest launch in the Phnom Penh region of Cambodia developed by the Oxley International group along with Cambodia World-bridge. It is planned to be launched as a mixed development which includes apartments for both residential and commercial purposes alongside provisions for recreational activities as well. It is a five star luxury hotel (International) with a capacity of around 300 guest rooms.

what exactly is the peak cambodia by oxley

Details about this Project

The developer of this project as mentioned before is the Oxley Holding group in Cambodia. It has a ‘Freehold’ form of tenure. It is located at village number 14 at Sam-Duch-Han-Sen Road in the district of Chamkarmorn. This is of course in the city of Phnom Penh in Cambodia. The area covered by the site is equal to approximately 12,670 square metres.

Why Phnom Penh?

The city of Phnom Penh which happens to be the capital of Cambodia is a rapidly developing city with a population of around 2.2 million. It is divided into a total of 9 districts and 76 sub-districts. Considering the rate at which this city is growing, it was only a matter of time before someone saw the opportunity and set up their very own development in this area. The Peak Cambodia happened to be that opportunist in this case. Not only that, the place has wonderful aesthetic qualities with the riverfront area offering a beautiful view of the Mekong River.

Advantages of investing in this project

There are obviously a lot of benefits of investing money into The Peak Cambodia project. Here are few of them:

  • The country has an already existing law for investing which provides a lot of incentives for investors to cash in their money.
  • There are a lot of natural resources yet to be utilised in this area like tourism sites, oil/gas reserves and mineral deposits.
  • These days, there is a lot of political stability in this area despite its unstable past, thus providing a solid foundation for developing a project such as the Peak Cambodia project.